Amsterdam Canal Houses


The Wooden Amsterdam canal house is a design masterpiece made from the finest quality of walnut wood. True craftsmanship with attention for detail, designed and made in Holland. The canal house is a traditional symbol of the Dutch capital and illustrates the traditional Dutch architecture from the 17th century. This unique decor piece is partly made by hand on a small scale in Amsterdam. Treasure your memories of our lovely Amsterdam with this set of actual canal houses!

Oude Turfmarkt: 10 cm (S) | 15 cm (M) | 20 cm (L) | 30cm (XL)
Herengracht: 8.5 cm (S) | 13 cm (M) | 17 cm (L) | 25 cm (XL)
Keizersgracht: 11.5 cm (S) | 17 cm (M) | 23 cm (L) | 34 cm (XL)
Amstel: 10 cm (S) | 15 cm (M) | 20 cm (L) | 30 cm (XL)

Material: Walnut wood

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