Polycurios. is a Dutch lifestyle brand and concept store in the heart of Amsterdam.

Each brand showcased in store is carefully selected by boutique owner Björn. He
 hand-picked a range from brands all over the world, with a focus on smaller brands and manufacturers that are not represented in the Netherlands.

"When we create and choose products for POLYCURIOS. we value uniqueness, beautiful design, good quality and environmentally friendly production."

When deciding on a name we had a really hard time to capture the soul. We wanted something to stand-out and to be loud. Really, we wanted to capture our owners multi love of combining contemporary design with vintage and art. 

" I wanted to have a name to represent our love for design and fashion - but also our love to the planet and to the people behind the brands. We are always curious who is behind the product. We are looking for those makers who show the same love and kindness"

We needed it to have some meaning - be inclusive and be loud enough to stand out from the crowed. We really want a more fun and approachable take on design of our daily essentials. 

Therefore POLY represents our love for all colors - people - makers and the planet. Curio represents the innovatieve design and unknown design. 


combining form
  1. many; much.
Origin: from Greek polus ‘much’, polloi ‘many’.


plural noun: curios
  1. a rare, unusual, or intriguing object.
"they had such fun over the wonderful box of curios that Jack had sent from India"


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