Amsterdam Canal House Keychain


The Amsterdam canal houses are symbolic for the traditional Dutch architecture from the 17th century. It is made of the finest quality maple wood. This unique and decorative Amsterdam canal house keychain maple is partly made by hand on a small scale in our own studio. Imagine yourself riding your bike with this keychain, chained to your bike keys. Couldn’t be more Amsterdam like!

Precision work

The characteristic illustration of the canal house is created by a unique laser technique which requires a high level of precision and expertise. The designers first create a drawing based on a digital image and copy all details line by line. The drawing is then used by a laser machine which engraves the design into the wood.


In 2016 we created our brand Wooden Amsterdam from our love for traditional wood craftsmanship and our hometown Amsterdam. Our product line varies from kitchenware to beautiful lasered decoration pieces for your home or office. We love using the symbols of Amsterdam in our designs and have an incredible eye for detail when it comes to execution. With a focus on sustainably sourced wood, we make sure to use the finest quality for every single product.


  • One size: 6 cm

  • Colour: Light

  • Material: Maple wood

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